Sunday, 27 April 2014

My heart skipped a beat or two !!

Location - Kasarvadavali, Ghodbunder Road, Thane West.

Period - a morning around 9am of a day in 2012.

Scenario - Our apartment was on 6th floor of wing A1. It was a 9 winged apartment complex raised to form a U-shape. We could see houses opposite to our flat as our house's windows were facing inside curve of the U form.

That Chilly Moment - After a refreshing bath was dressing up for the office in my room when I heard a little giggle from outside the window. Just as my heart tickled with the innocent sound that of the child's, it shook as I saw the scene outside in the opposite flat. For a moment, was left dumb-stuck when I saw that crawling child trying to come out of their house's window which had no protective grills (noting.. it was 6th floor) :(

Action - Confused as how that infant come up to that situation without any adult being near it, noticed next window where its mother was cooking in the kitchen. Was sure I cannot alert directly to her, but quickly called "security" to be heard below. Fortunately one of them heard me and looked up to me in a questioning expression. Made a quick sign to look up towards the opposite flat and made a loud voice to be heard "bachcha..". He gave a quick turn and got horrified by seeing the situation, blew his whistle loudly. Along with my clap and sound, luckily its mother recognized the sign made by security to look into her child next room.. !! She quickly understanding the seriousness, ran out of kitchen and appeared in adjacent room to grab her loving child and pulled it inside the room. Even if she had delayed by a minute I would have suffered my entire life watching the horror :( That child was at least 50% outside the window pane when her mother pulled back.. Just then its father stood up from below from sleep in the same room !!

Analysis - A sofa was kept just below the room's window which had no protective grill. So if you accidentally fall off that window, you'll directly land to death 6 floors below !! I guess, dad had made his infant sleep on the sofa and himself too had gone to sleep below. Child being with its father, mother was taking care of her household work. Now baby might have then woken up and started to move.. on its own to feel the breeze from the window which made it happy and giggle !!

Relief - After seeing the baby being pulled inside safely, I sat down with a deep sigh to settle down the slight shiver in my hands.. Gathering strength in some minutes continued to groom for office with a mixed feeling. Whatever.. Life moves on..

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