Saturday, 5 January 2013

Why I decided to Blog?

At Chittorghar Fort, Rajastan.(2nd Oct 2012)
                                     -- Courtesy: Sunil Balugodu

A lot of untold stories.. A lot of incredible experience.. Lemme type-down one by one..

In Kannada there's a saying.. "ದೇಶ ಸುತ್ತು, ಕೋಶ ಓದು" (Travel the country, read the books).. Had been reading ever since I can recall back and it had been my favorite hobby.. But started to get-out, from my graduation days.. as traveling became a habit, it became my hobby.. in turn enriching my knowledge more than I get from reading!!

Incredible !ndia.. literally is true. Each season offers different experience in every place of our country. What fascinates me most is the lush green forests, dense foggy valleys, misty drizzling monsoon, gushing rush of rivers, free falling waterfalls, chilling wind at the peaks, peaceful dawning seashores, unfolding tales at the historical places & wonders.. inspiring a lot for much more to explore..

But why I decided to write? I'm not a good writer (in fact first timer) or want others to read my scribbles and even don't have the habit of writing a dairy but these days recalling each one of those wonderful memories becoming too hard and seriously I don't want to lose them..