Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beach Freaks !!

City life is boring when you tend to like the nature and peacefulness in it. Had heard about many good places out of Mumbai which are worth visiting. So we decided to start exploring them. As I had said in one of my previous pages, Alibaug is one of the Mumbai's favorite getaway place where we can find some good sea shores with water sports and lots of home stays to spend a weekend. Just an hour in ferry from gateway of India and an hour again in bus/taxi will get us into the town. 

Alibaug is a small coastal town of Raigad district. Upon reaching there our first destination was to check out the town beach and a fort which is half a km in sea. The fascinating things about the beaches here is it vanishes at least once in a day !!! Hold on.. don't freak out.. what i'm saying is that they retreat... and to such an extent that you might start wondering whether really sea does exist here..!! Yeah its an amazing phenomenon to witness, the same place in two such condition. Usually sea will be normal with waves striking the shores and mocking at us about our helplessness facing its fierce and vastness. But as the flaring sun starts slipping from the skies, the sea slowly starts to retreat as if its following that setting sun, leaving behind fully wet and cool sand which gives a pleasant feel for our bare feet. I din't know before, that such things do happen!! The sea thus retreated has a sound sleep i guess, because it starts filling thus left, land of sands back next day again only when sun makes his circuit back to our overhead. And I heard that the retreat time varies, according to the moon phases. Hmmm.. Quite relaxed it feels when u have a stroll early morning on such a left over wet sands. I can recall when we stayed near Kihim Beach...

Harsha, Akshay, Karthik had left early for the morning walk, later me and Rakesh started to join them. They had walked a long way, because we couldn't find them from our sight of vision. I just couldn't believe the length up to which the sea had retreated. Panoramic-ally could see the sea shore gone back for at least half a km from the place where it was yesterday evening. Wow!! digesting the scenario, we starting walking slowly and searching for the trio who left us behind. We could see some people here and there scattered and enjoying the pleasant wind and weather of early morning, but among them where are these rascals who left us? in which directing are they? As we were about to stop searching from our eyes and walk on our own, I recognized a familiar light blue florescent shorts even from a km distant at 10'O clock ahead of us !! Rakesh gave a sarcastic hint of smile.. Haha.. Dumma (Akshay) !!! :P Who else could that be ?!! :P Let me tell you, that is the only time I appreciated his vague sensed taste about the dress color he chooses (lol..) We thus started sprinting towards them :) As the sea had fallen back, we could see many sea shells, small creatures which were left back. They seemed not least worried about their condition. Might be that they know the ocean is gonna come back to them and take to its womb...!! :)

After a long stretch of walk we decided to head back in half mind to leave such a peaceful place. Suddenly Akshay noticed something and he picked up a light brown colored stone like thing and started exclaiming "Special Stone !!!". Me and Rakesh stared at it in a bit of doubt minded. I glanced at Rakesh, I could see a hint of naughty smile on his face. Yes, he was also thinking what i'm thinking it might be !! :P Akshay now got a bit shaky and looked worried !! Still he repeated its "Special Stone.. Special Stone.." Me and rakesh exchanged a funny look and started laughing, in such a way that we just couldn't stop. Even though we were not 100% sure that its a recidue of a dog's poop.. but we were convinced enough.. (lollzz ). Akshay now dropped that and started walking shyly, but me and Rakesh were laughing like silly hyenas.. :D

Kashid, Akshi, Navgoan, Kihim, Varsoli etc.. are the some beaches we can find there of which, most are black sand beaches.. (its not as black as of charcoal). Here Kihim, Arnala (north to mumbai, near virar) beaches are more dark in color comparatively. Many will not prefer staying too long on those sands. If you ask why they are blackish.. yes.. its because of the pollution, oil spills.. mainly by ships that sail towards Mumbai port. Whereas beaches like Kashid, Akshi are better and have water-sports.. Sunil and Harsha are the front runners to try some adventure or to give a dip in the sea at least.  Even though we tried them all, but prefer enjoying the ambiance and just relax... Thus had spent some weekends continuously along these pleasant sea shores, playing cricket, taking a nap on the sands, having friendly chit-chat, walking along the shores.. still feels wonderful.. leaving a hint of smile.. while i recall :)


  1. Very descriptive and full of first hand experience narration.
    Liked it a lot !!!!!
    The Maharastra tourism should hire u ppl :-P

    1. Still crude writing I suppose.. Anyway Thanks :)

  2. Akshay's special stone part stands out ;-)