Saturday, 16 February 2013

Getting along with 'The City that never sleeps'...

It all started with the weekend getting bored in a mega-city Mumbai. What do you think in a big city people do in weekends? watch a movie, do lots of shopping, whatever the rush.. eat in a restaurant. Being born and bought up in a village and small towns its freakishly fast paced living to adjust with. I was feeling amazed at the people's run-around when stayed at my uncle's home for sometime (5-6 months in 2009) in Bengaluru. But as soon as I landed in deputed city, Mumbai (May 2010) for the job, 6 months of Bengaluru experience of a city life felt nothing !!!

Glimpse of crowd at Marine Drive on the New Year's Eve (2012)
-- Courtesy: Karthik PJ (
 Oh God.. !! help me to get adjust with 'the city that never sleeps' !!! Yeah its true, even at night after 12 am you can see people traveling around for work or home or 'just like that' ?!! Can u imagine a crowded bus at around 1 am? Of course I don't blame the people here; after all day/night work they too deserve their own time or enjoyment. As sun sets across the horizon from marine drive, night life start getting its own color. Stressed mind seek some pleasure with the money earned, but to what extent? Mumbai has everything you wish for.. still I don't see the point in enjoying by spoiling our own body. And it depends on their own maturity level, principles (some are so stupid that they think they are heroes by trying 'things' out, not their mistake but Indian Cinemas to be blamed here, my advance condolences to them).

Church Gate, South Mumbai.  
-- Courtesy: Akshay Nayak (
In the beginning, it was hectic to get along with the city, but as we got used to.. were tempted to explore this great metro city (literally its not metro railed city till the end of 2012 when I wrote this but the construction going well in a fast rate). The best thing about the city is cheap transport facility covering say about 70% of it - The local Railway, the most trusted system to travel on time if u r swift enough to get into one !! Because a whole bunch of people have to board in a station when it stops for just 30 secs !! Ufff.. Crowd in the train is just unbelievable. You can't help yourself when u feel that someone pick-pocketing as there will be no room to move to avoid one!! Still I found the crowd descent and helpful enough in many situation.

When I here say 'we'.. I'm referring to my friends along with whom I came to Mumbai. Many were blaming themselves for their hard luck to land into a place far from their own hometown. Guess this can be because most of them were for the first time, are staying away from home or they might have planned their life how should be pretty neat. Reason for the frustration becomes solid when we have to shell out the rent at least 3 times the cost than in Bangaluru. Hmmm.. Can't blame anyone for the unexpected situation we land in, but how do we handle or get along with that situation makes the difference, may be.. that's the Art of Living ?!!