Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Fishy Tale - Pixtorified !!!

Location: Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra. 
Date: 9th Feb 2013
Time: After 6pm

(1/12) After visiting the near by places we decided to relax the evening a bit at Tarkarli Beach, 
so vast and beautiful, felt too pleasant to roam along the shore. 
We could see the ocean till the horizon along with some small boats.

(2/12) Surprisingly, there were too many sea birds, in fact hundreds of them near-by those boats.

(3/12) Thats when we noticed a group of men ahead of us holding a very long rope 
and where trying to pull it out from the sea !!

(4/12) Oh yeah.. local fishermen, excited, enthusiastically pulling their net at the 2 ends. 
2 groups at the 2 ends of the rope were separated by around 500mts !! 
Yes.. the net they had spread to the sea was atleast 500mts wide !!!

(5/12) We learned from them that they had spread the net by observing a large black patch in the sea, 
which indicates a large school of fish :) 
When we asked about the amount of birds circling and catching the fish from the netted area, 
they were too glad because.. as large the birds number.. larger amount of the of fish they are gonna get !!! 
The net area was more than 3 kms away from the shore, so they estimated it to pull out from the sea only by 9pm.. 
Hmmm.. we now were too curious to see their prized amount in their net !!

(6/12) As time past.. the flock of sea birds were nearing the shore indicating the advancing net towards us.
 My God !! birds were frenzy catching fish with their signature dive in to the sea. 
Woah.. Some where even fighting each other for the fish they caught hold of.. 
was a treat to witness the whole scenario :)

(7/12) Gradually, men started to get the ends of the net,
 in which also there were fish stuck and struggling to get out. 

(8/12) Also due to the sweeping waves, many fish started to land upon 
the whole length of the shores. 
Whole of them breathing hard.. trying to hold their lives as long as possible.. 
struggling to get back to their home.. *sigh*

(9/12) OMG!! We just couldn't believe the amount of the fish we were seeing, as they started piling up.

(10/12) Though felt sad seeing those dying fishes, it made even, with the sight of satisfied 50 odd faces.. :) *cheers*

(11/12) Later on we got to know that these fresh fish would be auctioned the same night to the dealers; 
and for the 2-3 tonnes they gathered, expecting to fetch around Rs. 1lakhs.

(12/12) Hmmmm.... later on we slept the remaining night with the reeling images
 inside our head of the whole day's chain of events with much more to see in the next beautiful day :) :)

 Good night!!  Sweet dreams !!!

[PS: Pixtorified is not a real word but I coined to mean that it narrates a story with the pic sequences :)]


  1. I witnessed 2 tonnes of fish for the first time ever. Also could see happiest Akshay Nayak looking at them and posing with them :-)